WATCH: Rocking out in an ancient empty Jerusalem pool

WATCH: Rocking out in an ancient empty Jerusalem pool

Tatran rocks the Mamila Pool in Jerusalem's Independence Bell Park.

The IndieCity music festival takes talented local acts and records them performing in a nook or cranny of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv (so far).

The video series has consistently resulted in mesmerizing cinematography and top-notch performances. This time is no exception. This song is by the band Tatran and is called “A Cut in the Crust.”

From the band’s site: “Offir Benjaminov (Bass), Tamuz Dekel (Guitar) and Dan Mayo (Drums), in their early twenties, come from diverse backgrounds and form together a new musical entity. A rich and crystallized mix crossing through modern jazz, rock, classical, folk, avant­garde and electronica. Tatran presents gripping melodic compositions with a unique approach to sound. Mesmerizing grooves, virtuoso performance and complex meticulous arrangements alongside sections of boundless dynamic improvisation.
all the while showcasing a deep telepathic communication on stage.”

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