Urges wearing of reflective vests

Urges wearing of reflective vests

The short days of winter are over, but this does not allow for pedestrians walking without care in a town that is secular and has much weekend traffic. Apart from the evenings and the dark of night, reflective vests must be worn by anyone walking in the street. I do not feel that a “belt” is sufficient warning to a driver. Then also, there is the grand oblivion in walking more than two abreast, even with a vest, in the dark. Someone will get hurt or worse.

It has happened before.

As a Jew, I respect those who attend services and have their holiday meals at others’ homes, but I cannot respect the part of the community that disregards the fact that Teaneck is not Mea Shearim, which is closed to traffic. Teaneck has a high traffic volume all the time.

As a former runner, I did not leave my house in the morning without a reflective vest, and we ran in twos, not four abreast. I do not see the sense in risking lives any further, nor do I understand the reluctance of those refusing to walk on the sidewalks. There is no point in shouting at a driver for not driving slowly or for being angry. The Suburbanite pictured a family walking four abreast with children, which despite reflective belts was absurd. Children are too small and impulsive to be on any road at any time of day.

As long as all are spending money prolifically before this long holiday of Pesach, I suggest purchasing reflective vests for all walkers. We are in suburbia, not Sinai, and we are dealing with cars and not camels.