Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision

The Jewish Standard should understand that the far left and the far right are bedfellows regarding Israel (editorial, August 1). They are both anti-Semites and anti-Zionists.

The editorial identifies the supporters of Israel who are critical of the behavior and words of President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and the FAA ruling as far right. This is ridiculous and slanderous. Since when is it wrong or far rightist to criticize government officials and agencies?

The Jewish Standard runs articles critical of Obama and Kerry for their weak and timid support of Israel? For example, is Rabbi Kirshner a right-wing kook for criticizing the FAA for its ruling on preventing American airlines from flying to Israel (“FAA decision flies in the face of reality,” August 1)? What about Mayor Bloomberg’s criticism of the FAA? Is Ben Cohen a member of the far right for his harsh criticism of Kerry and Obama (“Are circumstances getting worse for Jews and Israel,” August 1)?

The Jewish Standard loses credibility by being overly sensitive to any legitimate criticism of the Obama administration.