The Jewish community’s race challenge

The Jewish community’s race challenge

Who really counts as a Jew? Ilana Kaufman issues a challenge to the Jewish community on race.

The racial and ethnic makeup of America is changing, and as it changes, so does the American Jewish community.

Are our communal institutions equipped to deal with the new reality?

In a powerful and personal talk, Ilana Kaufman, who is black, Jewish, and a high-level professional at the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, makes the case for counting all the Jewish people.

This video is an ELI talk, one of  a series of 12-minute presentations on what the organization calls “inspired Jewish ideas.” The talks explore the central themes of Jewish literacy, religious engagement, and identity, presented in light of their presenter’s own work or personal experiences. The speakers’ passion and engagement create engaging and inspired talks that teach something new — or perhaps even counterintuitive.

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