Responds to op-ed piece

Responds to op-ed piece

I’m responding to Larry Garber’s Feb. 20 op-ed “The erosion of democracy in Israel.”

I do not live in Israel, I live in Bergen County. They do not shoot Grad rockets from Rockland County on us. I do not have to run for a shelter when a siren starts.

I can talk about democracy as much as I like, but do I have a right to tell people in Israel what they do and that how they make decisions in their life is not as democratic as I think it should be?

Can I be upset that Arabs living in Israel will not feel like Jews?

Is it correct that Arabs living in Israel have the highest standard of living and they have the most civil rights among other Arabs in Middle East?

Israeli Arabs find it difficult to live in Israel? Let them go!

Yes, they are the minority, and let’s hope it doesn’t change, but why should they constantly be pleased by Jews?

Jews lived in Russia for centuries and have never been accepted in spite of all contributions they made towards Russian society. Jewish men were fighting fearlessly next to their Russian countrymen in all Russian wars, but still they were looked down by their “Mother Russia.”

It’s true of Europe, North Africa, and countries in Middle East.

Jews left Russia, Iraq, and Morocco, but nobody called them refugees for 60 years.

Why do Jews have to please everybody in the world? We are the minority that nobody cares about, and unless we take care of ourselves, nobody will.

Do we want to be loved by everybody, or we want to have equal rights to survive, not to be weakened, when the world screams about our disproportional response to defend our lives? When did the international community scream or boycott anybody the last time Jewish lives were lost?

How many rockets and explosive belts will Palestinians buy with $900 million in aid from us, from our taxes? How many Jews will die? We know it will happen again.

We are free people today, we can say and think whatever we want; unfortunately, sometimes we hurt ourselves by joining a wrong crowd only because we associate their message with our hopes for a better future.

We have to swim across the sea of life with two stones in our pockets, not knowing which will pull us to the bottom faster: militant Islam or liberal fascism.

A liberal Jew believes that if he announces his deep love and respect for every creature in world, they will love and respect him back, but he does not believe that the world does not judge Jews with the same set of rules as it judges others.