Respectful disagreement

Respectful disagreement

I usually enjoy Rabbi Boteach’s columns, even though I disagree with them half the time.

But his assault on the legitimacy of the science of evolution this week is both wrong and loopy.

There is such an abundance of empirical evidence as to evolution that if we start wasting our time debating the point, we might as well suspend all rational conversation.

I never questioned the efficacy of the Bible, despite there being no evidence, beyond my faith, that it is the word of God, given to the people through Moses. Where is that proof? Nowhere, but I believe in it anyway. Any Jew who would question the Bible’s legitimacy disqualifies himself from credibility. Any person who questions the legitimacy of evolution disqualifies himself from the modern era.

Otherwise, I respect Rabbi Boteach for his column despite my total disagreement with it.