Praises JACPAC

Praises JACPAC

Thank you for your profile of the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC), and its newly elected president, Clifton resident Gail Yamner. There are many one-issue pro-Israel PACs that do excellent work in helping to elect candidates who are strong supporters of a close U.S.-Israel relationship.

However, many of these candidates hold views on domestic issues, such as civil and reproductive rights, gun control, and church-state issues, that are at odds with the views of the overwhelming majority of Jewish voters. JACPAC supports a bipartisan slate of candidates who are both strongly pro-Israel and whose stance on domestic issues is more moderate and tolerant.

While a contribution to a single-issue PAC might have previously ended up helping to elect a Jesse Helms or a Tom Delay, and today may go to a Jim Demint, and tomorrow may wind up in the war chest of Sarah Palin, a contribution to JACPAC will go to candidates whose election will be good for Jewish interests in Israel and here at home.