No strangers, we

No strangers, we

Last week’s poll question in The Jewish Standard was “Do you feel like a stranger in a strange land at Christmas time?” My answer is a strong “No!” Most people seem to agree with me.

Except for Israel, where else in the world but America can Jews feel like equal and accepted members of the community? Why should any member of a minority religion feel like a stranger because the members of the majority religion observe their sacred days? In America, we Jews have the right to be proud members of our overall American community and proud members of our unique Jewish community. And we have the right to observe or not observe our Jewish religion. The poll question almost promotes dissatisfaction.

Walk into any shopping center, walk into any restaurant, you will see symbols of Chanukah as well as Christmas during the holiday season. We Jews in America have no reason to feel like strangers in America at Christmas time or any other time.