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No light yet

Ahavath Torah is going to Israel

Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood is planning a solidarity mission to Israel.

As of press time the details had not yet been worked out. The 24-hour stop on flights to Tel Aviv demanded by the U.S. government did not make it any easier to book the just-conceived, rapidly evolving trip – and it was not an easy task to begin with.

In the day that the idea of the week-long trip was floated, 45 people had expressed interest in it, according to Rabbi Chaim Poupko, the shul’s associate rabbi.

The shul also is raising money for Israel. He and the shul’s senior rabbi, Shmuel Goldin, discussed the need last Shabbat morning, and in the next three days they raised $200,000 from that verbal appeal alone.

The trip is open to the entire community; plans call for it to leave on Sunday, although of course that could change. The itinerary includes visits to hospitals and meeting with troops.

For more information, email Rabbi Poupko at or call him at (201) 568-1315.

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