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Living the dream

Reuven Escott of Bergenfield is the uncle of a 22-year-old IDF sailor, who is in a patrol boat off the coast of Gaza.

“My zayde was an ardent Zionist,” Mr. Escott said. “He met my grandmother in Borough Park, in a Zionist-oriented group.” The family’s desire to live in and work for Israel goes back at least that far and remains undiminished, he said. That’s why his nephew went to a hesder yeshiva, why he has served for three years in the Israeli navy, and why he is now working a “dream of three generations.”

His parents “lose sleep at night, and they worry ““ but they are in good spirits,” he said. “They are concerned about their son,” but they are also confident about the mission’s eventual success.

“We are bursting with pride that he is making this sacrifice to serve Israel and the Jewish people,” Mr. Escott said.

““Joanne Palmer

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