New year’s resolution

New year’s resolution

Much as Yom Kippur provides a time for reflection and consideration of the coming year along with typical intentions or resolutions, I believe that the current new year provides another opportunity for forward thinking and action steps.

Quite simply, Judaism and Israel are under dramatic global siege. From the growing BDS movement, consistent anti-Israel U.N. resolutions, Iran’s continued threat to annihilate Israel, the growth of global anti-Semitism, and rising rates of intermarriage, we face incredible challenges. In addition, Hezbollah and Hamas have rearmed, and the Palestinian Authority arrests Palestinians who befriend or do business with Jews invoking a 2010 Palestinian anti-settlement products law intended to create “anti-normalization,” the staunch refusal to create normal inter-community relationships.

I’ve also recently learned that Hamas has ordered a revisionist history book that denies Israel’s existence and will be mandatory curriculum for 55,000 Palestinian eighth- to tenth-graders. There has been special programming for years specifically during Ramadan that vilifies Jews and Israel and is broadcast across the greater Muslim/Arab world.

The barbarous lies about Israel opening floodgates during the recent storms to intentionally flood Gaza – while in reality Israel delivered four generators to help those impoverished. The lie about occupied territories, when in reality these lands were under full Arab control for 19 years, from 1948 to 1967, and never a word about Palestinian statehood. The PLO was actually formed in May 1964, a full three years before these territories were lost in the Six Day War. Their intention was, and is, to liberate the entire Middle East of Jews. It’s never been about territory, it’s about recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

While we may have our differences, we all have a common bond. We were born into this global tribe that we have a responsibility to support. And yes
J Street, sometimes blindly. Things are spiraling downward and we need to speak up and be proud of who we are and our accomplishments. Israel puts every single Arab and Muslim country to shame regarding human rights, basic freedoms, and treatment of its citizens. It’s time that each of us sends a clear message to the world and discusses it with our children and families. It is time to stand up and be heard and be proud!