Moses, Pharaoh, Elijah — meet Queen Bey

Moses, Pharaoh, Elijah — meet Queen Bey

03-4-L-jellyPreparing seder handouts and looking to put some memes on it?

Have we got a Tumblr for you. offers a full supply of Beyoncé-themed Passover memes.

03-3-L-boy-byeCreator Amy Schiller, a grad student who started the site in 2014, superimposed Beyoncé song lyrics over various images associated with Passover — from the parting of the Red Sea to those colorful jelly candies that are staples of the seder dessert. It should motivate even the least fervent Beyoncé fans to get in the Passover mood.

The site now also sells Beyonceder merchandise — t-shirts, mugs and throw pillows — because you should want to look as fierce as possible when you find that afikomen.

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