Look, it’s Likud!

Look, it’s Likud!

The Likud is apparently undergoing an internal battle for the party’s heart. Chair Benjamin Netanyahu knows that in order for his party to win the necessary number of seats in February’s election for him to be prime minister again, Likud must adopt the center-right attitude he has demonstrated in the past.

However, the victory of Moshe Feiglin and his hawkish allies in the recent Likud primary could be a giant wrench in those plans. The Jerusalem Post reported today that with the new righter-than-right Likudniks, the party stands to lose two seats in the election.

Now, two is not a large, scary number and pollsters said there’s nothing unusual about the drop. But it is a decrease based on just the idea of hardcore right-wingers running on the Likud platform. Once the general elections come up, the general Israeli public may not want a major shift — to the right or to the left. The Post also reported on an example of what may be to come from the new Likud. Boaz Haetzni, who won the 36th place on the Likud’s list, said he would have refused to carry out an order to evacuate the disputed Hebron house or any Arab houses nearby.

Meanwhile, senior members of the Likud, including former cabinet minister Silvan Shalom, blamed Netanyahu for the strong showing of Feiglin and his allies.

Stay tuned, folks. This is about to get real interesting.

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