Rabbi Boteach and the Muslim ban

In your February 3 issue Rabbi Boteach attempts to put a “Moral light on Trump’s temporary immigration ban.” In the op ed, the rabbi blames certain countries and policies for the number of refugees as justification for the executive order.

Unfortunately, he omits mentioning the key reasons that millions of people here in the U.S. and around the world are so angered by the order. The rabbi misses the point that section 5 paragraph (e) of the order allows exceptions to minority religions in the seven Muslim countries. Thus, it is really a Muslim ban.

He also neglects to point out that none of the seven countries had any individuals involved in any terrorist activity in the U.S. These are the key moral points that make the order un-American and most likely unconstitutional.

One can speculate that Rabbi Boteach has left out the key points in his anxiety to defend the action of his friend Steve Bannon, the chief architect of the order.

Gabe Schlisser

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