Thank you, Deb

Hi ! My name is Sophie Knapp and I am an 8-year-old actress, singer, dancer, and gymnast. I read your article about Deb Roberts, and I thought that maybe I could add a few more amazing details about her (“Theater, magic, and love,” January 27).

First, Deb cares about so many of her students — about their singing, acting, and dancing. She cares about all of her kids, no matter how old they are.

Second, Deb works SO SO SO hard to make a beautiful show.

Third, Deb has helped so many of her kids, including me, to train to be on Broadway and in movies and TV.

Fourth, Deb has come to ALL of my shows, Broadway and off-Broadway. She is so nice; she always says — “you were really great, Sophie” or “I loved the show.”

Fifth, Deb is a really good teacher. I have learned so much from her, and now I feel really confident about my acting, singing and dancing. And probably all of her kids feel that way.

Sixth, the shows that she has done are incredible. All of her hard work really pays off, and all the kids are always happy.

Thank you so much ! Love you Deb!

Sophie Knapp

Jeopardy memories

Congratulations to Netanel Paley for appearing on the “Jeopardy! College Championship!” (“A. I can’t tell you. Q. Who won?” January 27) It was especially gratifying to see that the producers have changed their policy in regard to the taping schedule. In 1999, when our daughter Dr. Rachel Schneider Jacobs, was selected for the College Championship as a sophomore in Stern College, Jeopardy! only taped the tournament on Saturdays, preventing Sabbath-observant contestants from participating. The producers of the show refused to move the taping, despite knowing they excluded observant students. They did, however, allow Rachel to appear on the regular Jeopardy! show as one of the youngest contestants, at age 19. They flew her out to Los Angeles, all expenses paid. It’s terrific to see change in the show’s policy, and we’re looking forward to seeing Mr. Paley on “Jeopardy!”

Pauline & Dr. Herb Schneider

Trump and Kraft

Although I am a Giants fan, I read “Kraft, Blank are this year’s Jewish Super Bowl heroes” (January 27). Toward the end of the article Mr. Kraft, discussing his friendship with Mr. Trump, says they’ve “had a lot of fun together socially” and worked together on “a number of philanthropic events.” I’d love to know more about those philanthropic events, e.g. beneficiaries/donations.

Caryn Kasmanoff

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