That’s not an apology

Although the headline for Aakash Dalal’s letter says he “apologizes” (Letters, December 30) he never says the words “I am sorry.”

He only acknowledges that he “empathizes” with his victims. It seems the only thing he is sorry about is what he will miss in the outside world as a result of his actions. Aside from questioning the point of even giving this convict a forum, I hope that once Mr. Dalal is sentenced, he will use his time wisely to reflect upon his actions and accept responsibility rather than place blame on a political campaign. Maybe then he will understand the gravity of his crimes, and the fear and suffering he inflicted on his victims.

Beatrice Baum

JFNNJ deplores the U.N. vote

Our position and statement on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 is rather clear. While this is a complex issue on a geopolitical level, with socio-economic impacts for all residents of the area, the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey remains dismayed and disappointed by the UN’s adoption of a resolution that strongly attempts to undermine Israel’s global legitimacy.

Israel long has been the outmanned and outnumbered underdog at the United Nations, and for as long as anyone can remember, the great equalizer in this equation has been the steadfast support of the United States of America. Time after time UN resolutions were either directly or pre-emptively defeated, thanks to the great support of the United States. Therefore it is not unreasonable to be upset, distraught, and disillusioned by a break in pattern here.

Israel, despite its best attempts to play by UN rules, is an island unto itself at this international body. The resolution strikes at the very core of Israel’s fears and concerns, and that alone should have warranted a different reaction from our president and the administration. Focusing only on Israel’s role in the conflict is to ignore the larger obstacles to peace.

Like the Washington Post and other publications, we remain perplexed by exactly how our country’s abstention on the resolution will further the path toward peace.

In the end, though, our position on this matter is focused solely on the resolution itself being anti-Israel, and the concern about the precedent set by the administration’s actions. Israel needs the support of the United States and the benefit of the doubt when it feels threatened or at risk. The passage of UN Resolution 2334 therefore is a major disappointment.

Jayne Petak, President
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
Jason Shames, CEO
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

Shameful action by U.S.

It is entirely acceptable for the United States to (fervently) disagree and remonstrate with Israel’s settlement policy. This has been the approach of the past three presidents’ administrations.

However, to abandon her to the tender mercies of the United Nations’ “wolf pack” is unconscionable. We should not punish nor extort with threats or otherwise actively interfere with our good friend’s internal affairs.

They (like we) are a sovereign state with a democratically elected government.

Jerrold Terdiman MD
Woodcliff Lake

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