Refuah shlema, Husband #1

Banji Ganchrow has been through a lot these past few weeks but she manages to express her worry simultaneously with her optimism, a pretty tricky thing to do. (“It’s not brain surgery,” March 18.) I’m a big fan of hers and  wish her husband a refuah shlema.

Rosanne Skopp
West Orange

Not triggering a response

About Joseph Kaplan’s complaint about there being no institutional orthodox condemnations of Putin. (“Say it now,” March 18.)

There is a deep vested Jewish presence in Russia. They can’t say anything that could trigger a terrible response against Russian Jews and organizations in Russia from a “possibly unhinged” dictator.  I’m sure these American institutions are intelligent enough to realize this and issued their statements accordingly.

Surprised that this wasn’t at least mentioned.

Abe Deutsch