It’s raining shoes

It’s raining shoes

It seems that everybody is looking to capitalize on the Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at President Bush a week ago.

First, there’s a new Internet game called Sock and Awe! where you, too, can lunge your loafers at the president and see how fast his reflexes are.

The Big Lipowsky’s high score is 15. Can you do better?

Then there’s the marriage proposal from Egypt, which I covered a few days ago.

And now, a Turkish shoemaker is claiming that he made the shoes that nearly beaned Bush. And orders are coming in from across the Middle East to own a pair.

Meanwhile, Muntader al-Zaidi (whom I hereby dub “The Barefoot Offender”) has apologized to the Iraqi government and asked for a pardon. No word yet on if that will happen.

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