Fancy a used jet?

Fancy a used jet?

Is first class not classy enough for you? Have you been looking for your own private jet? Do you prefer historical significance to that new-plane smell?

Then the Israel Air Force has a deal for you.

The IAF is seeking to unload 40 F-16A/B fighter planes. Made in the U.S.A. and first delivered in 1980, this is the plane Israel used to bomb the Iraqi Osirak nuclear plant in 1981. They originally had been intended to be sold to Iran, but Israel got them instead, after Iran broke off ties with the United States in 1979.

In recent years, the model — dubbed the Netz, or Hawk — was retired from active service. It’s now used instead for training.

This comes as Israel has added the first next-generation F-35 stealth fighters to its fleet.

Haaretz, which reported on the sale, did not indicate the price sought for the planes. No doubt that when it comes to flying in and out of Teterboro, a Piper would be cheaper. But it would be priceless as an exhibit for the North Jersey Museum of Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Any takers?

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