Don’t repeat Munich

Don’t repeat Munich

The thrust of your editorial, “Be careful what you wish for” (November 29), is that the sanctions against Iran, “… have only one goal: to bring the recalcitrant nation (in this case, Iran) to the negotiating table.” This is not true. The purpose of the sanctions was/is to prevent Iran from having the capabilities to produce nuclear weapons, not just to bring them to the table. To read the interpretations being reported about what the “deal” consists of, as stated by various Iranians and by Kerry and Obama, makes you wonder if they are reading from the same page. The moves in Congress to increase the sanctions are not coming just from congressmen on the right, but also from those on the left. The increased sanctions that are being discussed, should they be passed, will not come into play until the current negotiations fall through, not now.

It is important that any further agreements include ironclad statements that leave no room for interpretations that can negate what is meant by no path to nuclear weapons. The Iranians will seek to make sure that there are loopholes that will allow them to pass through to their goal of being a nuclear weapons power; the P5 +1 must make sure there are none.

The Obama administration must take a hard-line approach and not lead to a repeat of Munich 1938.