Hello all of my lovely readers! I hope this column is finding you healthy and sane.

As some of you know, if you have been reading my weekly play by plays, I have been lucky enough to be spending an inordinate amount of quality time with dil #1. Now, I cannot tell you what she has been thinking or feeling about this situation, but her influence on me has been amazing. As I have reported, I have not lost my temper or uttered any inappropriate words in the time she has been spending with us. Though I cannot say if my blood pressure has been rising because of this — all I do know is that I keep hugging her and apologizing because she has been stuck with us. I have been purchasing fruits and vegetables that the boys in my house have never seen before in order to make dil #1 feel at home. A mango? What is a mango? It is like my kids have never seen fresh fruit before — perhaps that is a poor reflection on their mother, but that is another story.

In any event, and on another topic (quarantine has not been great for my poor attention span), as you can imagine, my minyan men have not been happy. Not only have they been missing out on the camaraderie, the schedule and routine, but one of the big things about going to synagogue is that ability to give a dollar (or more) to tzedaka while they are there. Even my unemployed sons (yes, I know, learning Torah is a job…also for another column). I am not one to promote things in this column, unless they are high calorie and given to me to taste, but I came across Dailygiving.org.

It actually was started by a gentleman who knows my son #1. Daily giving is an organization that gives 100 percent to well vetted Jewish charities. And it is only a dollar a day! The dollar that my boys would be giving every day in shul is now going directly to a worthwhile charity. And even though they would rather be putting it directly into a pushka in shul, their credit card is donating one dollar daily. That is it. Although it may seem that you are only giving a dollar a day, it pools together everyone’s dollars and has already given over $300,000 dollars to different tzedakas. If you are interested in this incredible organization, you can go to its website, DailyGiving.org, and, no, I do not receive anything for telling you all about this, except maybe my dil #1 will give me a hug…

Next topic — I know that this situation has been hard for everyone and a lot of you have taken to walking outside and enjoying the fresh air. Where were all of you before this? I used to walk all the time and I never saw anyone, which means I never had to avoid anyone. And now there are people out everywhere! And avoiding them is a matter of life or death!

The other day, I was walking on the track, following the new arrows that have been spray painted on it, and there was a couple, not following the arrows, walking toward me. I turned to walk in the other direction, not following the arrows, and there was a couple approaching me. What was I supposed to do? You can’t yell at the people walking in the wrong direction because everyone is on edge and blah blah blah, so I cut across the grass and started walking on the sidewalk. There, one problem solved.

Truthfully, I am happy to see people socially distancing outside, because when the sun is out and the sky is blue and the birds are chirping, oblivious to what is going on around them, it is almost possible to forget the situation at hand…even if only briefly.

And for my final topic — the online, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and other exercise classes. I am so happy for all of you that are keeping up your exercise routines, eating healthy, and staying fit, but enough already. Join those of us who don’t get out of bed until after 10 in the morning, dress in stretchy clothes because otherwise you cannot breathe, and drink cherry Coke for breakfast.

Just kidding….or am I?

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck has been thoroughly enjoying her time with her family and hopes they are enjoying it as well. And hopes that husband #1 is enjoying his time alone in his office….

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