Continuing the conversation – ‘You can do it!’

Continuing the conversation – ‘You can do it!’

I read with interest and excitement of the uniting of 20+ rabbis spearheading a kehillah Jewish education fund. This is a great first step to help the tuition crisis as it is manifest in Bergen County. But I know this will have echoing effects nationally. I am excited for several reasons.

On a religious note, God loves unity. Getting the community to work together as a family is awesome and will bring godly blessing.

Secondly, the fact that the pulpit rabbis are not standing on the sidelines but rather taking an active role, acting like the leaders we want them to be, is exhilarating.

The tuition crisis committee has a well-thought-out plan of attack and I believe success is clearly attainable.

Thirdly, I am the director of the kehillah fund in Chicago, where we have nearly 1,200 participants in our monthly giving program. The fund generates and disburses nearly $50,000 monthly to the schools. It is only a fraction of what we need, but it is a huge help to the schools. The sheer number of participants excites the wealthier people to give serious dollars.

I believe that you can accomplish with unity in one short year what took us four years.

You can do it! You can do it!