‘Why start another school?’

‘Why start another school?’

I read with interest – yet by the end of the Aug. 12 article, great disappointment – about the intended formation of another yeshiva day school in Bergen County.

Is there really a need for another yeshiva day school in Bergen County? I would say no. None of the schools are bursting at the seams, as they were 10 years ago when Yeshivat Noam was conceived.

Why start another school? Why not sit down with all the existing schools, share your “technology driven curriculum” with them, and see how it can be integrated in an effort to reduce costs yet maintain the superior level of education provided by those schools.

I would venture to say that any of the current day schools can provide an education for grades K-2 at a price tag of $8-9,000. But what about all the other resources and programs they provide? I doubt Yeshivat He’Atid can maintain that fee structure in the middle and upper school grades.

As parents, are you willing to gamble for eight years to wait and see the results of the education and if it prepared your child for yeshiva high school?

Gershon Distenfeld was one of the founders of NNJKIDS, which continues making its best efforts to assist the day schools with maintaining the tuition at current levels.

Going off and establishing another school will only increase the tuition burden for the existing schools.

Cooperation, rather than being an impediment to the current Bergen County day schools, would be the recommended course of action.