‘Their worst enemies’

‘Their worst enemies’

A June 19 “world brief” on the drop of American support for Israel was disturbing, but not surprising. The early June poll stated that 44 percent of voters believe the U.S. should support Israel, a significant drop from the 69 percent a year ago. I believe some of our “friends” from groups such as J Street and Americans for Peace Now are beginning to play a bigger role in causing that erosion.

If Dan Fleshler, who is associated with both organizations, can claim to be “emotionally and spiritually connected” to Israel, then go on to state in his June 12 op-ed that Israel is “a well-armed, occupying power” vs. “an almost indefensible people,” then how can we blame non-Jews for reevaluating their support?

If Robert Naiman, national coordinator of Just Foreign Policy, can introduce the new “pro-Israel” lobby group, J Street, in a Huffington Post op-ed last April 17 with the statement “If you think [Jimmy] Carter is doing the right thing [in meeting with Hamas], consider giving this organization your support,” then why shouldn’t non-Jews wonder if Israel is being stubborn for not meeting with them?

And, if mainstream writers such as Time Magazine’s obviously Jewish Joe Klein, who pummels Israel in article after article, can, in his May 4 cover story, place “standing up to the Israelis” at the top of his list of challenges he fears Obama may not confront, while relegating a nuclear Iran to a merely parenthetical mention, what are others to think?

The concept of Jews being their own worst enemies, and the media’s tendency to join the bandwagon, are nothing new. However, what is very troubling is that they apparently have the ear of the Obama administration. His willingness to loudly and repeatedly chastise Israel’s settlement policy as a key obstacle to peace appears to be the fruit of their efforts. And, it’s taking its toll. We know so by reading the poll results. Israel’s true supporters need to make our voices heard if we wish to reverse the tide.