‘Misogynistic ridicule’

‘Misogynistic ridicule’

Steven Eidman is quite smart and I agree with many of his views. So it is a letdown to see him revert to the usual liberal invective that complaints about the progressive media’s bias against Conservative politicians, and especially female conservatives like Michele Bachmann, are “scary” attempts to deter legitimate criticism. We hear this nonsense most often when we complain about the disproportionate, non-contextual, unremitting disparagement of Israel in the U.N., the European press, and the liberal U.S. media.

What is truly scary is the lack of objective coverage by the liberal media of President Obama and his policies.

To Eidman, what passes for legitimate criticism is calling Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann “silly geese.” I would not vote for either of them, but if these accomplished women are silly geese, what does that make the liberal media, which follow their every move and cannot stop hanging on their every public utterance? The deadlock in Washington is directly attributable to this kind of demeaning, misogynistic ridicule, which passes for serious analysis in the halls of the liberal elite.