‘Is it right?’

‘Is it right?’

The Muslims have every right under our Constitution to build a mosque at Ground Zero, or wherever else they may wish. They may have the right, but is it right?

It’s silly to blame all Muslims for the terroristic acts of some of their brethren. There should be no collective guilt. The question here is not a matter of law or blame; it is a matter of sensitivity.

The attack on the World Trade Center was less than nine years ago, and people still feel the hurt of losing more than 2,000 loved ones. Building a mosque at this site is tantamount to sticking a finger in their collective eyes.

The fact that they have become rigid in their demand to build by Ground Zero shows a lack of understanding, compassion, or tolerance on their part. Would we tolerate a Ku Klux Klan headquarters next to a church in Harlem? I’d be willing to bet that that Mayor Mike “Shoot from the Lip” Bloomberg would be in the forefront of the opposition.

Let the Muslims build a mosque. But let it be built somewhere else. It’s time they showed some respect for the feelings of those of us who still remember 9/11.