‘Great article’

‘Great article’

I am the person who made Rabbi Simon of Chabad of Teaneck’s kidney match.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for publishing Dr. Miryam Wahrman’s great Aug. 28 article regarding Rabbi Simon’s kidney donation and for her other great articles on topics relating to organ donation.

The story of Rabbi Simon was one of the best stories ever written about a kidney donor – and I have seen many.

Dr. Wahrman is a fantastic writer. She is a great asset to your newspaper.

She really covered so many issues regarding kidney donation and added other interesting stories, even regarding the Teaneck Shuls Yahoo Group, in which my posting resulted in Rabbi Simon’s donating a kidney.

I am sure that Rabbi Simon’s story inspired many others – if not to donate a kidney, then to do more mitzvahs in general. You will never know the full impact of great articles such as these. I am delighted to have stories like this on my Website, www.KidneyMitzvah.com.