‘Germany not even on the map’

‘Germany not even on the map’

It was gratifying to read Harry Weissfisch’s June 12 letter.

I was born and raised in Warsaw and survived the war there. (I am a Warsaw Ghetto survivor.)

In my travels when planning a trip to Europe, Germany to me does not even appear on the map. I do not buy any German products.

Some time ago while meeting “today’s” Germans in this country, I was informed that Holocaust survivors seemed to have done very well for themselves in America. I was advised that the young generation of Germans is struggling because of the very high taxes imposed on them to cover all the reparation/claim payments being made to Holocaust survivors. Furthermore, I was asked, why are we forcing the Swiss to release funds that belonged to the victims of the Holocaust?

When I attend a Holocaust commemoration at a synagogue, glancing at the parking lot I sadly shake my head at the sight and number of German cars parked there.

I thank Mr. Weissfisch for his strong statement.