‘A very special place’

‘A very special place’

I enjoyed reading the July 23 article by Uriel Heilman about Kutsher’s. I treasure my beautiful collection of memories of spending many a summer at Kutsher’s in my youth.

I loved all the sport facilities, the entertainment, and the delicious meals at Kutsher’s. Staying at Kutsher’s was being with family, it was a way of life. We had so much fun. It was a wonderful era.

I remember going up to the Catskills when it would take almost a whole day on what was the old Route 17. We traveled through Suffern, Tuxedo and Goshen. The popular stop along the way was always the Red Apple.

Kutsher’s goes back a long time and so much has changed but I am sure the good hotel that it is will thrive. Where else can you have a wonderful time and enjoy all that Kutsher’s has to offer and only an hour and a half from New Jersey?

My best wishes for success to Yossi Zablocki in keeping the hotel open. It is a very special place.