‘A terrible mistake’

‘A terrible mistake’

If Sarah Palin, who might be a “heartbeat away from the presidency,” ever assumes that office, women should be advised to get out the hangers, since she will overturn Roe v. Wade and legal abortion even in the case of incest or rape, thereby resurrecting illegal abortionists. The only “abortion” she will consider is on stem-cell research.

Despite scientific assessment, she refuses to acknowledge that global warming is largely a man-made disaster and will back efforts to teach “creationism” in science courses in school.

Her efforts will destroy the Alaskan preserves (while bringing big drilling bucks to her state); she’ll opt for Supreme Court judges who will mimic Alito, Thomas, and Scalia; she’ll encourage providing guns for everyone (in case they too want to go moose hunting); continue the misinformation about her “airplane sale” on eBay and her supposed disapproval of the “bridge to nowhere” (which she initially approved of until Congress denied it but for which she did accept Congress’ funding for personal earmarks and to promote GOP’s abstinence program – which has obviously failed in her family); and she will decide which books libraries should distribute (shades of book-burnings).

In other words, she will push any hard-won gains women have made through the feminist movement as well as cater to the extreme right-wing of the country (see evangelicals).

McCain is no fool, but he made a terrible mistake in his ill-advised choice. (Besides, I have been told that moose-meat is treif.)