Nothing but net

Nothing but net

Much has happened since the last time I blogged. Since then, Frisch Varsity Boys’ Basketball was defeated by Ramaz in their season rematch in New York on Nov. 30 (Frisch won the first game at home). Two days later on Monday night, Frisch journeyed to Hillel and won in overtime.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Frisch went to Riverdale to compete with the SAR Sting on their home turf. At the time, The SAR Sting had only one win and several tough losses, as they looked to upset the 3-1 Cougars. Frisch more than held their own however, defeating the Sting 49-30. Eleven different Cougars scored and all 14 played.

Frisch was leading by the score of 23-10 by the half. Jason Langer (’10) exploded for 11 points in four minutes during the third quarter, bringing his total for the evening to 17 points. Frisch’s bench played the last 10 minutes of the game and successfully held the lead almost effortlessly throughout.

The Sting’s offense was subdued to 10 points in the first half, all scored by only two players.

Frisch Coach Avi Borenstein cited one major reason for Frisch’s defensive dominance. “What makes the Cougars unique in the West is that Frisch plays man to man defense more than half the time,” wrote Borenstein in an e-mail to fans after the game. “Most of the teams in the West Division play zone defenses. Because of that, most teams practice against zone defenses and are more comfortable in their offense against zones. When they confront a man D, they are often not as comfortable….”

Frisch will play at home against JEC on Saturday night.

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