Blow Shofar – with a click

Blow Shofar – with a click

We've scoured the web for the most incredible shofar-blowing videos from around the world.

Whether you want to quickly fulfill your obligation of hearing the Shofar blown before Rosh HaShana is through, whether you are doing research on the Jewish New Year and the instruments that are to be sounded during it’s days, or if you just want to see the most epic sounding of rams’ horns the world over – this article is for you:

Jerusalem at Sunrise

On a Tel Aviv boardwalk

This get’s the job done fastest. The shofar, ladies and gentlemen:

In Greece:


Sao Paulo, Brazil


From a high point in New Zealand


Cantor Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg


Jerry Sklar, pride of Cleveland

Choir and young lady, Abigail


The Dog Who Always Wanted to Blow Shofar

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