WATCH: Rachel’s voice, calling

WATCH: Rachel’s voice, calling

Rachel's song, you have to listen.

Reader Franciska Kay pitched this song to us and it was so striking. is currently working on her first solo album “Echad”. Kay toured with an award winning group “Ilanit” , and instrumentally accompanied singer Rachel Factor, formerly on Broadway.

Franciska started playing the piano at age 6, and started composing and learning guitar at 10. Kay has just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business while attending Juiiliard. She is continuing studies in music individually and teaching a few of her own students.

Music is a fundamental part of Franciska’s life. Franciska is an Orthodox Jew, and is inspired by the meaningful words of the Bible and prayers, by which she is able to express herself through her inner passion for composition. She loves to dance, sing and bring happiness to other’s lives.

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