South Park takes on Muhammad (again)

South Park takes on Muhammad (again)

Some may remember the 2006 two-part “South Park” episode in which Cartman sets out to stop Fox from broadcasting an episode of “Family Guy” with Muhammad as a ploy to get the show off the air while capitalizing on fears of violent Muslim reactions to any depiction of Muhammad.

In honor of the show’s 200th episode last week, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revisited the controversy (and seemingly every major celebrity they ever insulted). The short version: The celebrities, led by Tom Cruise, launch a lawsuit against the town of South Park because those wacky townsfolk keep making fun of them. Cruise says he will call off the suit if the town brings him Muhammad. The boys go off to the headquarters of the Super Best Friends, a superhero team made up of Jesus, John Smith, Buddah, a wayward superhero named Seaman, and Muhammad (Moses appears as a giant spinning dreidel that acts as the team’s supercomputer). The boys do their best to convince Jesus to allow Muhammad to be seen and they argue back and forth about what would be allowable.

That was part one.

Part two aired last night and, unfortunately, The Big Lipowsky missed it but has DVR set for the rerun tonight.

“South Park” has already drawn the ire of one Muslim organization. Read on.

Time to go check South Park Studios to see if the episode’s online. Did anybody see the complete two-parter? What did you think? Are Parker and Stone making a statement for freedom of speech? Or have they gone too far?

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