Blue square raising antisemitism awareness

Blue square raising antisemitism awareness

On Monday, the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey joined a large coalition of organizations, both Jewish and non-Jewish, for Stand Up to Jewish Hate. The new campaign aims to raise awareness about antisemitism and mobilize Americans to show support for the Jewish community as it addresses growing hatred and intolerance. The movement was officially launched on NBC’s “The Voice.”

The campaign asks everyone to post and share # on social media, and to use the blue square emoji on your phone, as a simple but powerful symbol of solidarity. The small blue square will take up 2.4% of television and digital screens, billboards, and social feeds.

The square symbolizes the discrepancy between the size of the Jewish population in the United States — 2.4% — and the 55% of all reported religion-based hate crimes in the country that target Jews.

New polls say that more than half of Americans do not believe “antisemitism is a big problem” and nearly half believe that “Jews are more than capable of handling issues of antisemitism on their own” But antisemitism is a largely under-told story in this country.

The blue box also will be featured on the social media feeds of many celebrities and influencers, as well as in partnership with Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Commercials will appear in popular programming, including the NBA and NHL playoffs, and in coverage of the NFL draft.

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