Article ‘hits so close to home’

Article ‘hits so close to home’

I applaud Andrew Neff (Aug. 22) for writing such an eloquent article that hits so close to home.

I worked for Neuberger Berman for 34 great years and retired approximately four years ago.

If you could script your own career, I could not have done it better. I worked with the smartest, kindest, and most generous partnership and group of people to ever be together in one company.

Those who know N & B know what I mean.

Along came Lehman Brothers, which bought Neuberger Berman, and then along came the mismanagement and the mishandling of company businesses as we have so recently seen on Wall Street and the rest of the financial communities around the world.

Mr. Neff associated his experiences as feeling the “loss of a loved one,” the denial, anger, and depression.

I cannot express the feelings that I have as deeply as Andrew, since I am now on the outside looking in but my association with Neuberger Berman is so deeply rooted that I can only pray that those who are left as part of what the press called the “gem” of Lehman Brothers can come out of this mess unscathed.

To quote Mr. Neff and sum up, “Wall Street is a great place to have a career. It can bring great wealth, prestige, and power. But there is also a cost. You lose track of priorities.”