Yavneh gym is dedicated in memory of the Freeds

Yavneh gym is dedicated in memory of the Freeds

The recently completed Middle School gymnasium at Yavneh Academy was dedicated in memory of Frances and Manny Freed, maternal grandparents of Yavneh parents Moshe and Arianne Weinberger and Sari and Shmuel Jacoby.

The indoor gym has more space than the old one, which allows the students to play and to go physical education classes regardless of the weather.

The Freed gym reflects Yavneh’s commitment to educating the whole child while ensuring ample space for its growing athletics department, and it reflects the importance of health and wellness.

The letter from the family begins: “Thank you to Yavneh for allowing our family to dedicate the recently completed gymnasium in memory of our cherished maternal grandparents, Frances and Manny Freed. As this Shavuot marks the first yahrzheit of our beloved grandmother, Frances, our family felt that this was the most appropriate time for this dedication.”

It continues, “It is our collective hope and prayer, in the zechut and memory of our grandparents, Frances and Manny Freed, that Hashem continues to bless the educators, administrators, and coaches at Yavneh as they continue in their important work in molding our community’s most precious gems into productive, Torah loving children.”

The couple spent the final years of their lives in Teaneck to be close to their only daughter, Mona Weinberger, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren.

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