Wants more Shulman coverage

Wants more Shulman coverage

As an avid reader of The Jewish Standard and a resident of New Jersey’s fifth congressional district, I have been very disappointed to note the lack of coverage given to Rabbi Dennis Shulman’s historic run for Congress. Shulman, the blind psychologist and rabbi who is the Democratic nominee in NJ-5, will be the first rabbi ever in Congress if elected in November. Jewish and secular papers and magazines around the world have covered the campaign, including Time, The New Yorker, Washington Jewish Week, Brandeis University Magazine, and Haaretz; Globes Magazine in Israel did a five-page feature on Rabbi Shulman.

I urge you to reconsider your coverage of this interesting and very viable candidate who will be a phenomenal representative of the Jewish community if elected.

The editor responds: The Jewish Standard was among the first chroniclers of Rabbi Shulman’s run for Congress (in October of 2007). When a candidate makes specifically Jewish news, for example, meeting with Jewish groups, that is a story for the Standard. Rabbi Shulman was expected to speak at a candidates’ forum Tuesday night, sponsored by three Jewish groups, but canceled his appearance. He is scheduled to speak Sunday at Temple Sholom in River Edge with a representative of his opponent, Rep. Scott Garrett.