The nano Tanach
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The nano Tanach

Around here, the Russell Berrie Foundation is associated with big things.

In Israel, however, it is associated with the very smallest: the Technion’s Russel Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, a joint venture between Haifa’s celebrated university and the foundation.

This week, the institute was in the news as it donated the world’s smallest Bible to the Israel Museum. The “Nano Tanach” is the size of a grain of sugar. It will be exhibited in the Shrine of the Book alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The microscopic Tanach was created by coating a tiny silicon chip with a layer of gold 100 atoms thick. A focused ion beam blasts away the gold, revealing the dark silicon beneath. Total time for the microscopic beam to inscribe the more than 1 million Hebrew letters in the Tanach: only an hour and a half.

The institute hopes the microscopic Bible will draw attention to the nanotechnology revolution.

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