Teaneck High students to collect Holocaust names and memories

Teaneck High students to collect Holocaust names and memories

A database of Holocaust yarzheits

The Yad Vashem database aims to be a complete historical record of every Jew killed by the Nazis.

A database and website created by an Illinois teen has a smaller scope but a more immediate aim. Each of Us Has a Name (eachofushasaname.org) is designed to enable individuals to remember Holocaust victims individually. It shows a list of victims whose yarzheits are each week. They can be searched by name or by date of yarzheit. Visitors can “adopt” a name and be e-mailed annually when the yarzheit approaches.

This database is far smaller, containing only 6,438 names so far. And the information on each person is only a birth date and death dates in the English and Hebrew calendars.

“It allows us to say Kaddish for them not only as a faceless mass but also with the dignity and individual attention that each one deserves,” explains Zak Kolar, 15.

Kolar came up with the idea for the site during Yizkor services.

Now he makes remembering Holocaust victims part of his daily life.

“Every night before I go to bed I read the list of people who perished on that day,” he says.

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