Responds to editorial

Responds to editorial

I was completely astounded reading your Sept. 5 editorial regarding Sarah Palin. You declared she is a “nightmare” and would be very bad for the Jewish people. Are you kidding me? Worse than the Democratic nominee Barack Obama? As far as I can tell, Barack Obama has not in the past and does not now surround himself with anyone who is pro-Israel and in fact it is quite the opposite.

Everyone from the Rev. Wright, to William Ayers, to his Palestinian professor friend at Columbia University, to Anthony Rezko (Syrian), to Jimmy Carter, to Samantha Powers, to Richard Lugar, etc. Not one is pro-Israel, with the exception of Joe Biden and who knows how much influence he would actually have with all these anti-Semites surrounding Obama.

How could any Jew vote for someone who is endorsed by Hamas? It is time the Democratic Jews woke up and realized Obama is no friend of the Jews or Israel and in fact has no more experience to run the country than Sarah Palin. John McCain is the presidential nominee of the Republican party, not Sarah Palin, and he is a friend of Israel and Israel and the United States of America would be much better off in his hands. Your editors should be careful what they wish for and hope that Obama does not turn out to be the “nightmare” they so fear.

Pamela Desind

Fort Lee

The editor notes: According to, “Obama has explicitly condemned Hamas. When former President Jimmy Carter met with Hamas leaders in April, Obama criticized his decision, saying that ‘we must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel’s destruction.'” The Website, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, continues: “Obama has said many times that he would not meet or negotiate with Hamas as president, and he has criticized McCain for implying otherwise.”

Meanwhile, the site notes that “Hamas has reversed its position on Obama, following a speech that the candidate gave to the American Israel Public Affairs Council. Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuri said that ‘we consider the statements of Obama to be further evidence of the hostility of the American administration to Arabs and Muslims,’ and that the speech ‘destroys any hope for change in American policies toward the Arab-Israeli conflict.'”