Pro-Israel Christians to picket Roger Waters’ Miami show

Pro-Israel Christians to picket Roger Waters’ Miami show

Waters' BDS support criticizing musicians that play Israel draws ire of evangelicals

A Christian group is calling on others to join them in protesting Roger Waters in Miami.

Organizers are calling upon Floridian “Christians, Jews and people of conscience” to protest Roger Waters concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

“Waters, the former Pink Floyd musician has become the poster boy for the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) targeting Israel,” reads the press release from a group called Proclaiming Justice to the Nations about the protest. “He has also routinely exhibited outright anti-Semitism in his concerts by dressing in pseudo-Nazi uniforms and hoisting large inflatable pigs adorned with Stars of David.”

“Roger Waters is a flagrant anti-Semite,” says Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, who grew-up in south Florida. She says she was compelled to organize the protest after feeling insulted that Waters is financially benefiting from a region that not only boasts a large Jewish population but is also home to a major Christian pro-Israel support base.

“All Christians, Jews and people of conscience should publicly condemn him, Cardoza-Moore stated. “Everybody should do what they can to voice their concern that this anti-Semite is spewing his despicable brand of hatred in the Sunshine State.  Contact your local lawmakers,  picket the concert, speak-out on social media, but whatever you do, do not remain silent.”

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations is a Christian based organization dedicated to educating Christians about their Biblical responsibility to defend Israel and the Jewish people. PJTN has been successful in getting Florida legislation passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support condemning the anti-Semitic BDS Movement within the State.

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