NY doctor wages winning war against Boycott Israel BDS movement

NY doctor wages winning war against Boycott Israel BDS movement

Dr. Abe Pollack zealous for Zion.

Prominent New York physician Abe Pollack has been waging a one-man battle against BDS (anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions).

At every opportunity, Dr. Pollack supports companies that are based in or doing business in Israel, and those companies’ services and products. He especially focuses on supporting the BDS movement’s main targets.

“BDS groups harass and hold hundreds of demonstrations against companies that do business in Israel, maligning those companies and Israel, demanding that those companies leave Israel, and that major investment funds divest from those companies,” read a statement from the Zionist Organization of America. “Dr. Pollack noted that the BDS movement knows that if these companies leave Israel, it could cause tens of thousands of Israeli professionals and other workers to lose their jobs, wreaking tremendous economic damage on the Jewish State.”


Here are some of Dr. Pollack’s personal methods of combatting the scourge of economic BDS:

  • Dr. Pollack noted that the BDS movements’ other major corporate targets (aside from G4S – which is already leaving Israel) include the following companies: Motorola Solutions, Inc. (communications, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois); Hewlett-Packard Company, or HP (computer hardware and software, headquartered in Palo Alto, California); Caterpillar Inc. (construction equipment, headquartered in Peoria, Illinois), Veolia (French transportation company), Elbit Systems Ltd. (defense electronics, based in Israel); SodaStream (ecological soda products company based in Israel); and Northrup Grumman (U.S. aviation company based in Virginia).    Dr. Pollak spoke about how it is critical for pro-Israel community to support these companies, and that tens of thousands of Israeli jobs are at stake.   Dr. Pollack buys stock in, and products of these companies whenever possible.
  • For instance, for a recent family Bar Mitzvah, Dr. Pollack made and placed Israeli-based SodaStream flavored bubbly waters on every table, instead of using typical bottled sodas.  He asked his synagogue to do the same at kiddishes, other bar and bat mitzvahs, and other events.
  • Dr. Pollack went out of his way to purchase a Motorola Solutions cell phone, instead of purchasing his cell company’s typical offerings.  He praised the phone’s quality.
  • Dr. Pollack takes transportation owned by Veolia whenever possible, such as the “New York City Airporter” buses to local airports (owned by Golden Touch Transportation, Inc., a subsidiary of Veolia).
  • Dr. Pollack only buys HP computers for his office and personal use.
  • Dr. Pollack buys stock of the companies targeted by the BDS movement.
  • Dr. Pollak praises and buys monthly boxes of products from Judea/Samaria through the Buy Israel project of the “Lev HaOlam” organization.  The BDS movement attempts to starve out small Jewish family farms, wineries, businesses and artisans in Judea/Samaria, the Golan, and Jewish communities expelled from Gaza, who are now struggling to survive.  For instance the pro-BDS group “Partners for a Progressive Israel,” despicably told its readers that for Passover, they should boycott “West Bank” (Judea/Samaria) wines!  And the Soros/OSF documents leaked last week indicate that Soros/OSF-funded anti-Israel groups have been intensively targeting and harming Jewish famers and small businesses in Judea/Samaria.  It is thus especially important that we support the products of the struggling small Jewish businesses in these areas.

A man named Nati Rom started Lev Haolam (translated: “heart of the world”), to buy the products of these small Jewish family farms, wineries, businesses and artisans, and to package them into monthly boxes and ship the boxes to subscribers around the world.  It’s the “buy Israel” version of “Harry and David” monthly fruit boxes. Lev Haolam and Nati Rom make no profit on the boxes.  Dr. Pollak said that the Lev Haolam monthly boxes ($99 per month) are always a treat to receive.

  • Dr. Pollack buys Israel bonds, and encourages others to do so.
  • “Buy Israel” can also be part of every trip to the local grocery store.   The BDS movement targets Israeli agricultural products (such as Mejdool dates, Jaffa oranges, Eden Springs water, Sabra humus, Achva halva and tahini).  We can buy and make sure to support these and other Israeli products.

Based on a lengthier press release by the ZOA: http://zoa.org/2016/08/10333826-zoa-one-mans-inspiring-personal-fight-against-economic-bds/#ixzz4IIqAascF

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