Notes from all over

Notes from all over

As the Standard reported on June 26, Yale Prof. Charles A. Small, spoke at UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey.

He spoke of Iran’s incitement to anti-Semitism. A number of people got up to comment. It was amazing that none of them were pro-Obama.

Meanwhile, President Obama seems more concerned with a Jew building a home for his family in Israel then with Muslim terrorists building nuclear bombs in Iran.

Darfur is a terrible blot on the human race and it is caused by Muslim terrorists. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care. Meanwhile, Rabbi David Saperstein of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism led rabbis on a three-day fast to raise awareness of the terrible situation in Darfur. The only people who can cease this situation are the rich Muslim terrorists perpetrating the genocide, and they have no inclination to stop this outrage of torture, murder, starvation, and rape. The rabbis should do a little fasting for Israel and make our fellow Jews aware of the peril that many countries and the European Union have in store for Israel.

Meanwhile, President Obama is concerned with returning the Communist president to Honduras, who was ousted by the pro-U.S. military. The people there are our staunch allies. Manuel Zelaya has no intentions of leaving the presidency. He has major connections to President Chavez of Venezuela and Castro of Cuba, our worst Communist enemies south of the border.