Norpac update

Norpac update

The Norpac Mission Committee appreciated your article on our May 8th mission to Washington (“The mission is the message,” May 24).

We wish to give your readership a two-week follow up on the mission and its effectiveness.

Senate resolution S 65 backing Israel against Iran passed last week 99-0.

Senate bill S 892 Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act of 2013, which was introduced the day of the mission, has 21 official sponsors. This has the potential to deprive Iran of $100 billion in foreign currency.

House H.R. 850 Iran Nuclear Prevention Act passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week and added the text of S 892 into its markup. We helped to facilitate the addition of the Senate text into the house bill.

At the meeting with the appropriation committee’s chair, Senator Mikulski, we were told the foreign aid to Israel would be a priority, and the office would seek to minimize any effect of sequestration.

The advocacy of the thousand NORPAC advocates in Washington makes all the difference. To those who took the time and effort, I say, Keep up the good work.