More on the JCT

More on the JCT

In regard to your editorial in the December 19 issue about the Jewish Center of Teaneck and Rabbi Englemayer’s column of January 2, I would like to clarify several points and correct some misinformation.

Contrary to the information furnished by your sources, a discussion and a vote in the Board of Trustees of the JCT on the Holy Name Medical Center proposal to the JCT did indeed take place, at the same board meeting (December 7, 2014) at which the vote in favor of the Heichal Hatorah proposal was adopted.

Although it was acknowledged that the HNMC proposal was generous and it did try to take the Jewish community into account, the board felt that a Jewish institution would be better suited to serve the Jewish community in Teaneck. It was the duty of the board to take this into consideration, together with other factors, when evaluating the different proposals offered to the JCT. One of the prime concerns of the board was the need to grow the congregation and ensure its viability. Both the Heichal Hatorah and Chabad proposals offered ideas to accomplish this, whereas the HNMC did not.

The JCT and HNMC have partnered in the past and hope to continue to do so in the future. The JCT is ideally suited to be a venue for the HNMC to the Teaneck Jewish community as a Jewish institution rather than just another HNMC building. For example, the women’s health symposium that was sponsored by HNMC, and recently held at the JCT drew more than 200 attendees. We hope that such community cooperation will be able to continue.