Music heals

Helene Emanuel’s December 14 obituary in the Jewish Standard, as provided by the funeral home, read “Donations welcome to the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.” The correct address for those donations is 311 Cornwall Rd., Glen Rock, NJ 07452.

Helene was a dedicated board member of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra for 44 years. She knew that music helps us heal in all different ways.

The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra’s next concert on March 16 at the Syriac Community Hall in Paramus. It will be dedicated to the memory of Helene Emanuel.

Randi Spaeth
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

But Obama was worse!

Funny how Rabbi Meir was not afraid for his country when President Obama enjoyed a baseball game with dictator Raul Castro, shook hands with Hugo Chavez, told Medvedev to convey to Putin how he will have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election and cozied up to the mullahs in Iran eventually sending them $1.7 billion in cash (“I am very afraid for my country,” December 28.).

As the rabbi notes this country was built on immigration, but he fails to mention that it was legal immigration. The GAO found that illegal immigrants cost the U.S. billions more than any revenue they generated. This was not the case decades ago since there were no government welfare benefits for them to illegally access. Today we don’t know who is coming for economic opportunity or economic opportunism.

Finally, Rabbi Meir apparently had no qualms when the Obama administration monitored reporters’ phone records and issued subpoenas against other reporters to force them to reveal their sources. Trump talks a lot, but Obama’s actions against the press were far worse. Perhaps the better question for Rabbi Meir is: Why weren’t you very afraid for our country during the Obama administration?

Michael Milchen
New Milford

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