It couldn’t hurt

It couldn’t hurt

A piece we rejected for this issue included the non-negotiable phrase that “Chanukah is most definitely a children’s holiday.” Well, it is, of course, but that’s not all it is.

It’s a celebration of Jewish resilience and bravery. It’s a reminder of hope and an inspiration for all of us. It’s also a reminder that miracles can happen.

We need some miracles.

So in the spirit of the eight lights of Chanukah, which brighten a dark time, here are eight miracles we can sorely use:

l. An end to the deepening recession and the restoration of a healthy economy. We pray that the new administration – with courage, smarts, and luck – can shore up the bedrock of our financial system.

2. An end to corruption and dishonesty. Shame on you, Bernard Madoff, Agriprocessors, and everyone else who has betrayed so many people’s trust. And yasher koach to those, such as the creators of new Conservative and Orthodox kosher initiatives, which insist that those who serve the Jewish community abide by Jewish values.

3. A restructuring of the economic system to create jobs rather than outsource them, to provide access to health insurance for all Americans, and to help our hungry fellow citizens put food on their tables. Jewish teachings are replete with calls for compassion and communal concern. Let’s take a page from our own books.

4. A speedy and successful end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. An end to the scourge of genocide and barbaric practices such as rape as a weapon of war.

6. A viable way to deal with Muslim extremists. For a start, we’d like to see the moderates speak out against horrors perpetrated in their name.

7. A secure and prosperous Israel.

8. (Thank you, Miss America) World peace.

A happy and miraculous Chanukah to all our readers.