Iran <3's Israel - Story of a Facebook Movement

Iran <3's Israel - Story of a Facebook Movement

Could Iran and Israel actually become friends? Israeli Graphic Designer, Ronny Edry tried his luck...

On March 14, 2012, Israeli Graphic Designer and former Paratrooper, Ronny Edry posted a picture on Facebook saying quite simply, “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We love you.” Edry was pictured carrying his daughter. She held an Israeli flag. The results of his message were astounding. Many Israelis and Iranians commented positively. One Iranian girl said she wept with her family.

His bold statement was a reaction to a startling conversation Edry heard at the grocery story between two people. One said to the other that Israel was going to be attacked with 10,000 missiles. And the other said not just 10,000 missiles but that amount per day.

With his positive posters, Edry tried to change the dynamics between the two countries. Friendship. Love. Understanding. Peace. Many Israelis continued the trend and created their own facebook posters with their families keeping the identical slogan. Then the most amazing thing happened. Iranians followed suit. Some even created posters with a picture of themselves on half the page and the other half was a picture of an Israeli.

Ronny Edry’s successful facebook post made international news all over the world.

While it doesn’t seem to have changed the hearts and minds of the Iranian government, the real connections forged between regular Israelis and Iranians will one day lead to scenes like this one.

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