Electability, stupid

Electability, stupid

Regarding “It’s electability, stupid” (January 23) – the key word here is stupid. It is stupid of Jewish Republicans to back candidates solely on the Israel perspective and it is truly stupid to think Obama and Hillary don’t care enough about Israel. There are several issues here:

1. In typical anti-Obama, Republican fashion, the current administration is criticized for its handling of Israel-U.S. relations, but they do not provide a solution, alternatives, or any ideas about what a Republican candidate would do or have done differently. Obama made a mistake in not sending someone to Paris, but he apologized. It is not a sign of anti-Israeli support. We have accepted many apologies from Republicans over the years.

2. The fact that Republican donors could possibly back Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee, just because they are “pro-Jews,” is sickening. They are particularly anti-women, against separation of church and state, against health care for all citizens, pro NRA, and definitely Christian right wing. They don’t give a damn about Israel, except to court the Jewish vote.

Democrats have always been the biggest supporters of civil rights, women’s rights, equal education, and opportunity for all. That is why Jews have embraced the Democratic party.

It is so sad and disheartening to read how the Jewish Republican donors don’t care about people, just about their pocketbooks.